mATM Solution API

For excellent micro ATM API services, you may get in touch with us. Micro ATM is basically a device that is used by hundreds of business correspondents to carry out their basic banking transactions. The platform will allow people to conduct their transactions instantly. That is why it is called a micro AT. The micro platform allows you to connect to bands from all across the country. You can instantly deposit or withdraw funds regardless of which bank you are associated with. The device is basically based on a mobile phone connection. It is also quite easy to work with. The customers just need to get themselves authenticated and they are good to go.

Our micro ATM API solutions have completely changed the way people carry out their transactions. It is a hand-held device using which you will be able to carry out your transaction in the most seamless way. Some of the transaction types supported by micro ATM API are withdrawal, deposit, fund transfer, balance enquiry and so on. The API is highly interactive and easy to use. It will stop you from standing in long queues in front of the bank. You can also avoid other problems like shortage of cash in ATM and much more.

Our Features

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