Indo Nepal Money Transfer API

We are supplying Indo-Nepal Money transfer facility to our customers which empower them to offer bill payment facility to their clients directly with the help of our system effectively without any delay. Easy, fast, simple and hassle-free, cash transfer is just one of the most payout modes that are preferred for international money transfers. You can send money in money and the recipient collects the cash in cash, within seconds. Our powerful correspondent banking relationship with most of the financial institutions of Nepal makes it more easy for you to transfer money directly. To an existing beneficiary's Co-Operative account, you can transfer money directly with All Our National Reach in Nepal.

Best methods to exchange cash Exchange of money from Punjab National Bank (some Indian branch) into Everest Bank Limited, Nepal. You must get a balance with PNB otherwise it won't enable you to exchange cash. Provided that you have a balance you always have the option to request for the same.

1. Exchange of cash from Punjab National Bank (any Indian division ) to Everest Bank Limited, Nepal Considering PNB is a government bank, it may not enable you to exchange money on the off chance that you don't have a fiscal balance with it. In the down to earth perspective, you need a financial balance with PNB and you are able to ask that they exchange cash to Nepal. It is dependable, easy and powerful.

2. Exchange of cash from State Bank of India (any Indian branch of SBI) into ANY bank in Nepal with SWIFT Code.
The Approach is Just like that using PNB. Since SBI is also an administration bank, it may not enable you to exchange cash you don't have a fiscal equilibrium with it. You need a financial equilibrium with SBI and also you can request that they exchange cash to Nepal. It's compelling, reliable and easy.