FasTag API

FAST Tag is a solution that's simple to use, reloadable tag which allows automatic deduction of toll fees and permits you to pass through the toll plaza without stopping for your cash transaction. Manually charge of toll in the plazas by cash transactions not only results in wastage of precious man-hours but results in loss of fuel without any advantage to some of the stakeholders.

FASTag is linked to a prepaid accounts where the applicable toll amount is deducted. The label employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and is affixed on the car's windscreen after the label account is active. “Toll Plaza" is your building or facility where the User Entry is accumulated. It is an "ETC Program" of the government of India. So cars don't need to wait in a queue.

How RFID Tag Characteristics Expand Program Possibilities

The RFID technology has existed for at least a decade, and its adoption and usage keeps growing. Standards-development problems have hampered adoption in certain programs, however, the business has largely worked through those issues. Producers of RFID transponders and ICs are now expanding the reach of target programs with the addition of memory and processor functionality and developing advanced devices which may be deployed in embedded systems which enable customization.

Organizations such as Walmart have broadly deployed RFID technology for consumer goods monitoring and even the U.S. Armed Forces has used RFID to track resources. Value is added by RFID . A bar code can identify generally what is within a package or on a dictionary while RFID technology provides more precise information and precise serial number data. Additionally, RFID tags and tags can be scanned across medium distances - an important characteristic in warehousing and supply chain software - and in bulk.

APIs are used by plenty of banks all over the world. They're a really significant part of the banking system. They can be used to get data both for external and internal use. They're also used to collect and collate data. APIs can also be used by international organizations such as the World Bank and many others who have large datasets with users in various places all around the globe who should access it.

Our platform supports NEFT & IMPS transfer modes and the transfer mode is automatically switched by the machine. The platform is powered by National Transaction Corporation of India (NPCI) who hastens the IMPS transactions in India on a real-time basis 24 x 7 x 365 NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer under RBI which settles NEFT trades in India as batch shrewd and operates only on working day and hours of RBI

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